What’s In My Bag

I know that this is a very typical blog post that you have seen on every other blog, but I just love the idea behind it. Actually,the first blog post that i ever stumbled upon was “What’s In My Bag”.  and so I was hooked.

 When I started this blog, I knew I had to make this post sooner or later. I prefer sooner. So here you are : What’s in my bag!

This is my new summer bag, it’s from Bershka , I got it a month ago for my birthday. It’s very huge, so it fits all my daily stuff perfectly.

So here are the contents of my bag

I have a lot of stuff but I need them all:

1. My Teneues Organizer (to organize my hectic life =D )

2. Notebook to  scribble thoughts and to-do lists (isn’t this cow soo  cute?)

3. My hard disk in the Case Logic cover

4. My Beloved Kindle Touch that I also got for my last birthday

5. My Htc Phone (sensation xl)

6. My Valentino Wallet

7. My Earphones  Beats by dr.dre  ( that came with the phone)

8. My Sunglasses Case

9. My Eyeglasses Case

10. My Make up Bag

11. My Camera Case Logic cover

12. Wet Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

 My Essentials, I cant leave the house without these stuff. they are my holy grail.

I have a really bad eyesight, so I need to wear eyeglasses all the time, but mostly I wear contacts.When I am working behind my laptop, especially at work, I change to my eyeglasses.

And these are my Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses that I got on Sale  for a really good price.

Lastly, here are the contents of my makeup bag:

1. My Compact mirror & Hairbrush

2. Maxfactor Facefinity Compact Foundation (02 ivory)

3. My Chapsticks: Neutrogena & the other one I don’t know it’s name – something french

4. My Lipsticks: L’oreal color riche in Orange Fever, Maybelline colorsensational in Peach Juice, & 2 from Body Shop

5. My Makeup Forever Lip gloss num.12

6. My Flashlight

7. My Pens and a Highlighter

So this is it, I hope you’ ll enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Thank you!


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