Pink and Blue

Hi there!

I was trying to make it 3 posts in a row, but unfortunately I couldn’t take some outfit pictures the other day. That’s why No post yesterday.

But moving on. This is what I wore yesterday for a date night with my husband. This outfit is super fun and easy for the summer nights, and super colorful too.


After dinner, we went to see the “Amazing Spider Man” opening night in City Mall. It was really great, I even liked it more than the original Spider Man.  Andrew Garfield suits the role perfectly, while I didn’t really  like Tobey Maguire. You should really see it.

So, back to the outfit; this is what I was wearing:

Top: somewhere from Arax in Borj Hamoud

Shorts: same place as the Top

Flats: H&M (very old)

Bag: Sport et Loisir

Ring: From Bodrum,Turkey

Bracelet: from Russia

Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli


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