Beauty Find: Make-up Removal Wipes

Hi there!

Today’s Post is quit random. It’s beauty related.

This is a new discovery of mine, that I am so excited to share.

Most of us love our make-up and trying new routines and new products, but what is the part we all dread? The Make-up removing part !! ūüė¶

I hated the process of putting the make-up removal on the cotton disks then rubbing your eyes for  minutes, then realizing you still have make-up on your eyes. So, you start the process from the beginning and rub your eyes again. When you are finally done, you realize you have spent 15 minutes rubbing your eyes till they are red and you have  used up more than 3-4 cotton disks.

So, you could feel my amaze, when I discovered the ” Fresh & Soft ” Wipes.

At first I was skeptical, because of the price tag. It was 3,600 LL (2.5$) for 25 wipes. But I decided to give them a try.

And boy I was happy I did. Not only were they amazing in removing all my ¬†make-up, I only used one wipe for my whole face. It took me a mere 2 minutes to wipe clean my face.¬† I know there are ¬†other more known wipes such as the¬†Johnson’s and the Clean and Clear ones, but for the price of 15,000 LL (10$), the Fresh and Soft ones are much more affordable with the same result.

And just to note, not all the Fresh and Soft wipes are good, I tried another ¬†one the Classic , but it was horrible, it irritated my skin and didn’t remove any make-up .

The one I’m talking about is the ” Fresh and Soft Premium Wipes for dry and sensitive skin”.


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