A Little Bit of Shopping

  Hi there! I went on a little shopping spree after work yesterday. I checked H&M, Zara, Bershka, Vero Moda, and Pull&Bear.

I mostly liked the H&M collection, so most pics are from the H&M dressing room.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, the lighting was horrible.

The reason I went shopping is this lovely Pemplum top that I saw on their website. I just needed to buy it. So I checked it first when I entered the store. The size I tried is XS or 34, which fit me perfectly.I love everything about it, the material, the design( it has a zipper in the back) and of course the  price, which is 32,000 LL.

So, the top went home with me!

Then I tried this top, I liked the embellished collar, but the fit was too unflattering, so I passed. I can’t remember its price but I think it’s about 25,000LL.

Another Top that I tried is this lovely orange and white shirt. I really liked the print, but unfortunately it looked too baggy on me in size XS. The price is really tempting at about 17,000 LL. So, maybe I’ll reconsider it. We will see.

I found this dress on the discount rack for 35,000LL. It was only in size XS, so you can say its fate that we meet. It fitted me perfectly and went home with me. I am wearing it today, got ton of compliments from my coworkers.

Another dress that I tried, is this flowery print dress. I really liked it, before I put it on. On me it looked overwhelming in size, although its also in XS. The fabric is really nice and light, perfect for summer. The price is 65,000 LL.

The last thing I tried is from ZARA. This is an amazing sweater, I really liked everything about it. I almost bought it, until I saw a huge tear on the side. It was really sad, because I really liked it.


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