Statement Boots

Hi there! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I decided to talk about the most important element of the Fall & Winter Wardrobe —- Boots!

So by taking the latest trends from the High-end Designers, I divided them into 6 styles and provided similar pieces for more affordable prices! Hope you will enjoy them.

All the images from this source .

These are the main trends that the designers provided for us for this Season:

A. Texture: B Brian Atwood Suede and snake print leather Parmour Boot , 450$.

B. Wedges: Yves Saint Laurent suede and patent leather Robyn Wedge boot , 1,595$.

C. Fur Trim: Donna Karan New York shearling-trimmed Bootie , 990$.

D. Balenciaga double-strap calfskin ankle boot , 995$.

E. Equestrian: Gucci leather New Charlotte flat riding boots, 1150$.

F. Bootie: Charlotte Olympia metallic leather Orient Express bootie , 1,275$. ( My Favorite) .

And here I have found very similar boots for the fracture price of the above, so you could enjoy the latest trends without robbing the bank .

A. Texture: Nine West  150$ (source).

B. Wedges: Stradivarius 126$ (source).

C. Fur Trim: Bershka 80$ (source).

D. Biker Boot: Zara 186$ (source).

E. Equestrian: Stradivarius 66$ ( source).

F. Bootie: Zara 166$  (source).

Which is your favorite trend?


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