Work Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Today I am posting a different post than usual, but nontheless important. At the begining of my career year, I found that my closet lacked simple elements that suited   the new office environment. As you all know college years are mostly spent in T-shirts, jeans, and hoodies, so for the office they wouldn’t be appropriate. At the beginning instead of adding the basics to my wardrobe, I spent my money on the Trendy stuff, that quickly became out of style and couldn’t properly transition to other seasons. After many trials and errors, I became more into understanding the Mixing and Matching of my wardrobe. Although I can’t say my wardrobe is in a perfect state, I still have a lot to learn.
So, I decided to list the essential pieces for all those who are finishing their college and preparing for their interviews, starting a new job with a dress code , or just wanting to revamp their closets.I hope you would find this helpful. Enjoy.

Work Wardrobe Essentials

The Wardrobe Essentials are as follows:
1. A Coat: A simple, classic coat is the very best of the essentials for the winters in lebanon, it can add the finishing polish to the outfit. This coat could be a classic trench or a basic black.
2. A colored Blouse: This is the element with some fun twist, where you can add a color or pattern or even both to your clothes.
3. A Blazer: A must as you all know for any wardrobe whatsoever. It could be in black, navy, nude color. Any color as long as it is neutral to be easily paired with all your outfits.
4. A Dress: A classic cut, preferable to the knee or just above it (for a little modesty :p ), in a solid color, with no embellishments.
5. A White Button-down: a classic nothing to say more here, you all know about the importance of a white shirt.
6. A Pencil Skirt: the most flattering skirt ever created, it just suits absolutely everyone. I prefer a skirt with color to add a little fun to the outfits, but the neutrals could also work.
7. Flats: for those days, when heels are a no-no. nude flats are the best.
8. A Cardigan: for those chilly Ac offices. perfect for adding color to the outfit. I love the mustard in particular for fall, because of the warmth it gives, and it is super easily pairs with every color invented.
9. A Sweater: a striped one !! ( it’s simply important) you can choose any color you want, but the stripes just add that Parisian simplicity. 😀
10. Trousers: nothing elongates those legs more than a nicely cut pair of classic trousers, and why not colored??
11. Dark Colored Jeans: they could be any cut that you like, skinny, wide legged, etc. as long as they are dark colored or even better black.
12. A Skinny Belt: a leopard print belt can add interest to any basic and boring outfit.
13. Black Heels: you are simply unstoppable when you are in heels, just make sure that the height of the heel is comfortable for everyday wear.
14. A printed scarf: for warmth and color.
15. A Bag: big enough for all the everyday essentials, and in a neutral color to go with everything. It should be of good quality for everyday use. (Zara has excellent options).
16 – 17. Accessories: here is something optional, because it depends on the personal taste. I prefer a nice gold watch  and a statement necklace to complete my outfits.

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