Fall Headpeices

Fall Headpeices
I used to be the kid that hated wearing scarfs and hats through winter. My mom always dressed me up and bundled me , but the minute I walked through the door I quickly removed them. A few years ago, I came to the realization that Hats and Scarfs are actually accessories that would only make my look more interesting. Here are some of my picks for the Head Accessories. Enjoy.
1. You can never go wrong with a wool floppy hat, it adds a charm and a mystery to any of your outfits. *** My favorite.
2. Add a French aura to your outfit with the classic Beret. Never out of style.
3. We all have that grandma or a mother that enjoys some knitting, do not you?? So pull out those beanies that they used to knit for you, and rock them this Fall & Winter.
4. Sports Cap is a new addition to the fashionista’s outfit. We have seen it on the likes of Miroslava Duma, Chiara Ferragni and many more, through all the Fashion Weeks this year. So, why not to try it? It is a great way to spice your outfit with something different, and it keeps your head warm – a plus- .
5,6,7.  Different styles of beanies: colorful, embellished (a little sparkle never hurts)…
So, how are you keeping your head warm????

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