Beauty Vanities

Hello there! And happy Monday Everyone!!

Today I come with a different type of posts! It is kind of relative to the fashion entity but in a home edition. A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping with a friend of mine  to buy her some boxes to arrange some bits and bobs that were lying around. We got her some pretty colorful boxes, which she already added perfectly to her interior. When I came home, later that night, I looked around my bedroom,and saw all my pretty and precious stuff lying around in a very dull way! It made me feel very depressed for a moment, but that soon changed when I started searching on Pinterest (you can follow my boards here) for inspiration, and boy I was overwhelmed and inspired with all those pretty Vases and Trays decorating the vanities and the night tables.

So, I began a mission of fulfilling my decorative dream, and creating my own Special Nightstand, that would make me happy whenever I look on it. The most important thing is that anyone can do it in different ways, by adding different and unique pieces and making it as one-of-a-kind display.

Here are some images that have Inspired me and hopefully would inspire you too :

89086898850573710_0pgKbUpc_c copy

89086898850573710_0pgKbUpc_c 89086898850573711_rGFheQxe_c 89086898850573713_W0JK5phQ_c 228768856041117259_VASuRHSi_c 354095589421614277_YI7LhsPN_c

On my To-Buy list :

1. A pretty Vintage -Silver or Gold- Tray for showcasing my favorite -at the moment- things.

2. Transparent Storage boxes for my make-up collection (any hints from where to buy them in Lebanon?)

3. Aromatic Candles, I have looked everywhere for decent candles, but still no luck. The closest I got was at Zara Home, but the smells weren’t the best (suggestions anyone?)

4. Pretty Containers for different small stuff: pins, cotton, etc..

5. Vintage Cups and Plates for my most worn jewelry pieces or the most precious and pretty.


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