Hello there lovelies! Long time, no see!

I took a break from blogging (as you already have noticed :p) these past two months, to figure a couple of things out on my own. I’ve reached a point in my blog where I realized I am blogging for the wrong reasons, for reasons I didn’t intend to reach. When I decided to start my blog, in the late summer, I was already overwhelmed with the fast-growing world of the blogosphere, and  mesmerized by the life of the top bloggers; like Chiara Ferragni, and the likes of her. Their blogs were always so perfect, with the high-end brands for clothing and photos that could be an envy to any top magazine. So, I was striving to that perfection, a perfection so out of my reach. I wanted the clothes they were wearing, the latest trends from the runways, and the professional photographer always by my side. I was lost in that aura of perfection, always finding things to nag about, like the lack of new clothes in my closet, or the beautiful pictures. I only had my closet and my small pocket camera. Then I stopped blogging, thinking that what I was providing was not good enough for the standards of nowadays blogs.

 After I’ve given this a deep thought, it finally hit me. I wasn’t blogging for anyone! No one was expecting all those great things from me! I am blogging for me. I am blogging for the love of Fashion. This blog is who I am. This blog is for finding my own style and for documenting the path to reach it.

I am beginning a new fresh start with this blog. It’s gonna be a place where I find myself, and truly admire the things I already have and learn how to work with what I have. I am gonna start documenting my wardrobe, and try to make the most of it. To truly understand my needs for my lifestyle and my work. To learn how to have a Small but working closet, instead of having a Large wardrobe that is not functional at all.

I am willing to take this journey, and make this blog my happy place. A place that is a piece of me. A place that reflects the true face behind Playing With Fashion.

Sorry for such a long post! and thank you for the amazing support I get from good people in the blogosphere, and hope to see you more often from now on.



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