SATISH by Roula Dfouni

Hello there Lovelies!

This is a very exciting post for me, because I got to know the amazing woman behind this unique jewelry line. I hope she could inspire you as much as she inspired me. Thank you Roula for your time! It was really a pleasure meeting you!

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Q. How did you come up with the name for your brand? What does “Satish” stand for?

A. When I started my business in 2009, I was thinking of what I am going to name it. One day my husband got an email from someone he works with in Montreal, and his name was Satish, so he told me “Satish! That has a ring to it!” And I liked it. After doing some research, it turned to be an Indian goddess that sacrificed her life for her husband. It started with Satish Creations, and later on when I shifted to Jewelry I wanted people to know that its a Lebanese creation and  handmade in Lebanon, so I added by Roula Dfouni, because when I used to sell in shops people thought that it was something foreign-made.

Q. When did you start your company?

A. I used to create handmade accessories, using brass and plated brass, and I used to add collage on accessories for a funky vibe. Last year, in August 2012, I started with the jewelry, which is more my personal style that is not “bling-bling”. I wanted to do something unique, because there are a lot of talented Lebanese designers in a very competitive market, so I felt I needed to get out of the box. To do that I needed to create a new trend and new designs. I don’t create designs that are now trending and everyone is wearing today, I want people to find my brand as a trend.

Q. What can you say is your signature? or the mark of your designs?

A. My mark is the contemporary jewelry and the contemporary designs, especially the element of roughness; the rough finishing, the rough stones and  the rough designs. The rough design is very important to me and I am going to stick to that and not going to change. Even if I design other stuff, or use different elements, it will stay rough. It is simply my image.

Q. What are the material that use in your designs?

A. All my designs are contemporary jewelry made of black and white oxidized silver sterling with a touch of rough, uncut colored gemstones.

Q. Your designs are so unique. From where do you get the inspiration?

A. They are all inspired by nature; you have the Heart of Stone, which is the one with the big stone, the Turmaline which is the one with the small sphere, the Crochet (flower), and the Hexagone.

Q. What is your  favorite piece from your collection?

A. My favorite piece is the first piece I started with, which is the Hexagone. And after that I added the Flower and the Crochet. These three elements are the first, and they will always be present in all the future designs.

Q. Do you have any artistic background?

A. Unfortunately, I don’t have any artistic background. I studied business and actually worked in Banking and Insurance, until I quit everything to focus on my designs. I took ESMOD intense courses just to get into the field. Now I am looking for some jewelry design courses,but I can’t find something to go with my hectic life, between my jewelry company and my family.

Q. What are your future plans for “Satish”?

A. My next step is to participate in an exhibition in Paris, which would allow me to be open internationally. And if people, sellers and distributers like my work, I think another door would open for me. Here in Lebanon I have my base and it’s a good base,but  I don’t want to be present everywhere, I want people to look for me, and they are!

Q. Where can we find “Satish” designs?

A. I used to be in several shops around Beirut, but now I am getting out of these shops for personal beliefs. I think of myself a bit distinguished,so I don’t want people to find me very common. Now you can find me in my showroom in Mansourieh, which is very cozy, where I have my showroom in a room and my atelier in the other. And because of the Artheum exhibition (that took place from March 8th till the 16th) I chose two future shops, which are very modern and contemporary in design that I am hopefully going to be a part of.

For online shoppers , you can find “Satish” designs in , ,

You can follow Satish designs through Facebook (here) and Instagram @satishbyrouladfouni

Please enjoy the amazing designs and let me know what you think about them?

P.S. All photos are taken by Betty Ketchedjian (you can find her here)

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