March Favorites

Hello There Lovelies! and Happy Monday!

I have decided to add a new category to my blog! Every month I try out new things that I really enjoy through the whole month, and I am eager to share with you guys.So, it’s going to be a Monthly thing.

Here is a list of items I loved through March:

1Gold Chain Necklace from H&M

This has been the one accessory that I tended to grab with almost any outfit I was wearing. If you don’t own a gold chain necklace, I recommend you get yours asap. You won’t regret it, trust me!

2Tortoiseshell Mango Glasses

The perfect shades for any outfit too. I am a little obsessed with tortoiseshell these days.

3Kerastase Hair Elixir

After I ombre-ied my hair 2 month ago, I have suffered from very dull and lifeless hair. This oil had helped to bring it back to a normal state, I even dare to say “to a much Better state”.

4Nivea Facial Cleansing Cream

Since I suffer from a very dry to dehydrated skin, I couldn’t find a cleanser that didn’t dry-out my skin even more. I bought this cleanser on a whim from my local Spinneys without putting my faith in it. And boy I was surprised with how good it was for my skin. My skin never felt better. I totally recommend it for people who have dehydrated skin.

5Dali Vibralash

This has been my top discovery of the year. I have never considered Dali Cosmetics as a good brand for make-up (it’s a Lebanese Brand), I only bought their nailpolishes, which are pretty amazing. But when i saw this post by a fellow lebanese blogger The Closet Clause loving this mascara, I had to try it. And I am glad I did. It’s the most amazing mascara, with an even better price tag  of 10,000LL ( 6.6$).

6Zara Owl Top

I just love everything with owls on it. So this top was just perfect for me, plus it helped with the sudden Hot weather in Beirut.

7Ankle Booties from Pull&Bear

A chunky heel — Check

Studs — Check

A neutral color that goes with everything — Double check

So, as you can see they are perfect in everything!

download (1)The Carrie Diaries Series

It is not one of my favorite TV shows, but throughout March I enjoyed watching it.

So, these are my March Favorites! I would really love to know what did you enjoy in March!


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