My Obsession

Hello there Lovelies!

I have a confession to share with you today; I have a slight (by “slight” I mean “mega”) obsession with the Ted Baker Doggy Wallet.

I have seen it before on the Ted Baker official website, but since we didn’t have the store in Lebanon, I kindly tried to forget about this perfect little thing. To my luck (but my wallet will suffer for sure :p) the official Ted Baker Store opened its official store in the Beirut City Center (happy jump).

So, this wallet is on the top of my birthday wish (come to mama 😀 )
ted-baker-sassey-dog-bobble-matinee-walletAfter visiting this amazing store, I added a lot of things to my wishlist, from their amazing makeup bags with the beautiful big bows, to the Ipad and Kindle cases, that are actually gorgeous and unique.
231808945 231845966Ted-Baker-iPad-Mini-CaseQuilted-Kindle-Case-by-Ted-Baker---Pink~77K252FRSPYou can find all these and more on their website:


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