Matching the Wall

Hello there Lovelies!

If you ask anyone who really knows me, what color can be directly associated with “ME”, they all can say Yellow. It has been been my favorite color for years. It reminds me of sunshine , warmth and summer.

What’s your favorite color?

1 2 3 5What I wore:

Top: Springfield | Skirt: Stradivarius | Flats: from Byblos | Watch: Morgan


5 thoughts on “Matching the Wall

  1. This is such a pretty outfit – and you’re rather gorgeous too 🙂 I love your necklace, where is that from? I’m always worried about wearing yellow, I was told as a child it makes me look sickly, but this soft yellow is really pretty on you 🙂 My favourite colour is probably teal, but it changes so often! Clothes-wise I like to wear burgundy or mint green the most, though 🙂

    • Awwm thank you dear, you are very sweet! 😀
      I think yellow is a very hard color to wear, but it is manageable when you find the perfect tonality.
      Although it is my favorite color, I usually don’t wear it too much 😛

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