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Hello there Lovelies!

Today I have decided to write a post about something really fun and not fashion or make-up related (real shocker :P).

I have been looking for a while for a Tag post that would be fun to do. So, after a lot of search I found this amazing tag, which is called “The 90’s Kid”, and since I was born in the 90’s(actually 1989, but who’s counting) and spent all my childhood through this decade, I decided that it would be perfect for me.

Let’s begin!

1. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Definitely BSB, no explanation needed. Their songs were amazing and they were all super cute, what else was needed. (I still listen to their albums on my iPad. I am not ashamed 🙂 )

2. Did you own a virtual pet (Giga Pet, Tamogotchi) ?

I had to google these two names, because we called them Zazoo s in Lebanon. So, yes. I really enjoyed playing with them, they were like my little babies. I would actually want to play with one now, to see if it was as exciting as I remember.


3. What was the best Disney Original Movie of the 90’s?

Oh Disney! Where should I start? I think all of the 90’s kids adored everything on Disney Channel, but if I had to pick I would definitely say “Parent’s Trap”, “Halloween Town” and “Blank Check”.


4. What’s your favorite 90’s Commercial?

I can’t remember any of the commercials from that time except for the Mentos commercial(which can’t be considered a kids commercial) and the Barbie Commercials. I found this video from 1994 with the Cut and Style Barbie. I begged my parents to buy me this doll for my birthday and they did. Amazing times they were.

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend.

I don’t think 90’s fashion was weird in all sense, but one thing we wore those days make me reconsider my judgement. They are the Tattoo Chokers. I don’t know who started this trend, but I am glad it’s over.


6. Favorite Collectibles.

Oh boy they were many! Don’t know where to start. First, I collected the Kinder Surprise toys.Then I started with the McDonalds’ Happy Meal toys. When I got a little older, I think late 90’s, Pokemons were a huge boom, so I collected them as well.


7.Favorite Game Consoles and Favorite Game

I only owned a Sega Console and my favorite game was Super Mario. There was this other game that I also enjoyed playing, I think it was Circus, but I am not sure.

6a00d834520b4b69e200e5521851468833-800wi circus-charlie

8. Favorite TV Show.

It’s a long list. My TV show addiction started from a very early age it seems :D. My favorites are: Boy Meets World, Full House, Smart Guy, Dinosaurs, Blossom and many more.

51uuMRjD-AL._SX500_800029837_69a3fcb5-a400-4957-9746-fd13915e1a72-full-house-show iyT3kH3X3D9Jk7pBlossom_TVFlashbacks10VerySpecialEpisodes

9. Favorite Cartoon.

I loved everything from The Cartoon Network. From the Power Puff Girls to Scooby Doo to Johnny Bravo. Plus I can’t forget The Ninja Turtles and The Power Rangers.

images-2 The-Rangers-mighty-morphin-power-rangers-23879058-1024-768 Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Episode-106-Once-Upon-a-Time-Machine

10. Favorite Candy.

I think the candy are pretty much the same these days, but I really liked the lollipops in the shape of a diamond ring and lipstick. Yummy and fashionable 😛


11. Favorite Board Game.

Monopoly, Operation, Snakes and Ladders and Lotto.

lotto_1 images-3 6a00d83453b94569e2017d3dd201f6970c

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this tag, I know I did!

Did you enjoy the 90’s? What were your favorites?


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