Beauty :: The Battle of the Mascaras

Hello there Lovelies! 

Today let us discuss a very important matter. A matter of life or death. 

Finding the Best Mascara in the Drugstore.

Although I have been massively into beauty only the last couple of years, I have been wearing the basics (mascara, concealer, lipstick ) since a very early age. So, a lot of Mascaras have come my way and not all of them left a big impression.

After a lot of trial and error and buying pretty much every mascara out there, I can state my conclusion. 


If I was told to pick only one mascara to use for the rest of my life, my choice would definitely be the MaxFactor False Lash Effect in black. I have been using this mascara non stop for the last 5 years and could not be without it. It is simply the best mascara that adds both supreme volume and length for the perfect doll eyes. My second choice, which is a recent find and was featured in my last month favorites, is the DALI VibraLash. This thin plastic wand does wonders to your eyes. It lengthens the lashes and keeps the perfect curl. It is perfect for everyday wear, without too much drama. The Maybelline mascaras are always a win, not one of them really disappoints. My favorites are The Falsies Series and The Colossal Cat Eyes. I really like the effect they give my lashes and the perfect curved wands they possess . These two mascaras are perfect when combined together for a smoky-eyes make-up. mascaras2Now, it’s time for the 3 mascaras that were very disappointing. The Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara was the worst mascara I have ever tried. It made my normal lashes horridly clumpy and super short. And let me not start about its removal. It is impossible to remove this mascara in one day, you need at least 3 days, so stay away from it. Run for your life when you see it and don’t get tempted by its lovely wand like I did. The H&M Twisted Curves mascara wasn’t a disappointment since I haven’t put any hopes on it. It was simply OK. I would have hoped they improve their formulas, because I rather enjoy their eyeshadows.So, let’s hope for the best. The Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara does nothing its name suggest, plus it has the most awkward wand to use. I don’t know if my eyes are weird but I never manage to put this mascara without at least 2 smudges. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this little survey and let me know in the comments what mascaras you enjoy using. 



6 thoughts on “Beauty :: The Battle of the Mascaras

  1. Currently I’m loving Covergirl’s Clump Crusher, but now that I’ve read this review I need to try some Maybelline mascaras!

    • Actually the Maxfactor False Lash Effect is the same as the Covergirl mascara, but I haven’t tried the Clump Crusher.
      You should def try the Maybelline The Falsies Flared, and you could thank me later!
      Thank you for your lovely comment:D

  2. Since there are so many good drugstore brands, it always confuses me when people spend like $20 on a mascara! I mean, obviously like you point out, there are some not so great brands, but there are definitely more okay brands than bad ones! You’re right, Maybelline is a pretty consistent brand. I’ve never bought a mascara from them and been completely disappointed. Nice post! 🙂

  3. I like the vibrating one by Maybelline (now discontinued) and One by Oneby Maybelline. I can’t wait to try out the rocket and see what that’s all about. I’m currently using the purple one by Max Factor (I accidentally got the blue one, but you can’t really tell… S I use it everyday :p)

    • I love the maybelline vibrating one too, but it somehow got lost when I was preparing the post.
      I am glad you liked the Max Factor one, it is def a winner. ( I am going to try the blue one, hehehe )

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