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Hello there Lovelies! It is officially Β Summer in Lebanon, time for beach and parties!

For me summer associates with colors and when I say color, I mean all the colors of the rainbow. So, in celebration of the beginning of June I decided to do the “Rainbow Tag”. This tag is basically, matching some of your favorite items to the colors of the rainbow. Let as simply begin.

1. Red: this was a no-brainer for me, since I am lipstick junkie. The L’oreal Caresse in Red Rebel is the perfect shade of red that applies smoothly on the lips. Simply lovely.

2. Orange: I could have said another lipstick for orange, but I think that would be cheating :p. So, the second thing that came to mind, was my favorite bag to date, the Noah bag from GS stores.


3. Yellow: The Kerastase Elixir, is still my favorite for the past 3 months, and although it looks gold more than yellow, I think it still falls in this category.


4.Green: At first I thought I didn’t have anything in green, and was thinking of mentioning my shampoo :P, but then it hit me. The DKNY be delicious. The bottle is green, and weirdly the smell of the perfume reminds me of cucumbers (which are green! you see the connection, don’t you? )


5.Blue: These Vintage-looking earrings from Vero Moda, are the perfect accessory for summer dresses, and they totally make a statement.


6. Indigo: Dali Nailpolish in num. 245. Frankly saying, I googled indigo before searching for any item in my collection. Although, I know the existence of this color in the dictionary, I couldn’t figure if it was more blue or more purple. After a lot of search, I made a conclusion that I still can’t describe the color. So, this nail polish is the closest to indigo I could find.


7. Violet: L’oreal Professional Liss Ultime. The best serum for straightening your hair. No frizzy hair guaranteed.


I know there are only 7 colors in the rainbow, but the creator decided to add two categories.

8. Pink: By looking at the picture, you can notice that it’s not quite pink, but it is the closest I could find without reaching into my lipstick stash again (I know I am a lipstick Junkie, and I plea guilty πŸ˜› )


9. Multi Colored: This was super easy too, because I see it everyday; my laptop case.


Hope you enjoyed this post, and that I managed to add some color to your day.

I would like to tag some of my fellow bloggers to try this tag,

in no particular order:


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23 thoughts on “Tag :: Rainbow Tag

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  2. This is such a fun tag. I love, love, love the Noah bag – I want it so bad! The DKNY perfume is my all-time fave, I love the fresh smell of it πŸ™‚

    Maria x

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  4. This sounds super interesting and fun!! Thanks for the tag. I am sure going to try this and will let you know when I do πŸ™‚
    P.S- Love the lipstick, the bag and the multicolored laptop case the most.

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