Beauty :: The Benefit Dilemma

Hello there Lovelies!

After finding out that delivered to Lebanon my excitement had no boundaries ( I am still happy dancing :P). And of course I had ordered some fashion items that I would definitely show on my blog when I receive the package. Since, I am checking the website every now and then (to be precise every couple of hours :P) I decided it was a perfect time for a beauty order.

Here in Lebanon, we don’t have most of the cult beauty brands that go viral on the net, so you could imagine my excitement upon discovering Benefit, Too Faced, and many more on For my first order I decided to go for the brand I am most excited about, which is BENEFIT cosmetics. At first, I was going to get either the Hoola bronzer or the Coralista Blush, but then I stumbled upon their new makeup sets and decided I would rather go with the box to get to know the brand even better.

Here are their 3 different sets.

1. Primping with the Stars: 


This set is all about prepping your skin for all the different occasions you may face. With their pore minimizing primer, the face powder and their famous bene-tint, you are ready to conquer the world.

2. The Bronze of the Champions:

image1xxl (1)This box includes the products that would give you a perfect natural glow. Who doesn’t want to have a natural glowing skin? With their infamous Hoola Bronzer, What’s Up illuminizer and the Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, this box is a total win , that promises not to disappoint. You can buy this set through the link (buy here).

3. Do the Bright Thing:
image1xxlThe 3rd box has a selection of products to brighten your complexion. We all love some dewy skin. With their Dandelion Blush, That Gal primer, and the High Beam highlighter you are guaranteed to have a glowy skin. You can get this set through this link (buy here).

I think I am going with the second choice “the Bronze of the Champions”, but I would really like to hear your suggestions. Have you ever tried any of these sets? if yes what do you think of them?


2 thoughts on “Beauty :: The Benefit Dilemma

  1. I have only tried them in store and I would definitely get the Bronze of the Champions. I wanted it as well but my want to get the Flushed Palette overwhelmed me. Also that is great that you have more access to the other makeup brands :).

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