The Fake Dress

Hello there Lovelies!

I had to pinch myself twice today, since I couldn’t believe it was thursday already. I swear Tuesday and Wednesday just disappeared from my week, but anyway it’s Thursday and it’s the end of the week so it’s still ok. I prefer tuesday and wednesday to disappear instead of my weekend 😛

So, back to the post.

Today I want to highlight the importance of the Pemplum Top. We all know it is a very feminine piece and only polishes the woman’s figure, and it looks amazing on all body types. Plus it can work as an ordinary top by tucking in the pemplum part. But the most important advantage is that it can be turned with the assistance of  a nicely fitted pencil skirt into a very flirty dress. That’s 3 in 1, what more can we ask from this top? AMAZING .

How do you wear your Pemplum Tops?

2 3 41What I wore:

Top: H&M | Skirt: Pull&Bear |Heels: Call it Spring | Necklace: H&M


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