Trend :: Gold Cuff

Hello there Lovelies!

With the Summer being in full throttle this past 2 weeks, I am longing more and more for my vacation in August. Since the vacation is still a month and a half away, I am keeping my feet on the ground and not putting together all the outfits I am going to take with me and what I need to buy for the trip ( we all know I am doing the absolute opposite to what I am writing 😛 ).

When it comes to Summer outfits, Less is always More. We always try to wear light fabrics and less accessories , but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our outfits interesting.

One of the highlights of the summer is  the large Gold Cuff (or silver, I just like Gold more), it adds that final ingredient to a fully polished look. It looks even better when worn on both hands 😀  I’ve got my eyes on a pair of cuffs from Topshop.

How are you accessorizing this Summer?
HC018CGX Large Web8a18484f48da01ddfa63fc2e14cf9b0e 81698180709953118pSCygA2wc Gold-plated-embossed-cuff-by-Yves-Saint-Laurent-on-runway-style


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