Obsession :: Midi Skirts

Hello there Lovelies!

As you all know by now, the mini-skirts are so last decade. A Maxi skirt is a very good option, but what is so IN right now is a perfect MIDI skirt that goes right under the knee. So many options for wearing this lovely trend that the outfits are limitless. You can go with a basic color like black or grey, go bold with orange or blue, or go all the way for a fun print. If you are not a fan of fabric skirts, there are a lot of cool denim skirts that create the same effect.

After searching high and low for the midi skirt in stores, I could only find a couple of options at Topshop which were not that good in quality or versatility  (only black and grey colors). So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered so many Midi skirts on Dorothy Perkins’ website. Although I haven’t checked the Beirut City Center store yet, I hope they have the same options as the website. (link)

Here are my choices from the website. I hope I can find one of them in the store (or all, HAHAHA , evil laugh :P)

Which one is your favorite?

   70247624_2_large 14567572_large 14590074_2_large 14590084_large


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