Nailed It :: Green Envy

Hello there Lovelies!

Let me just start this post by once again thanking the creators of Pinterest for giving us such an amazing outlet for inspiration. There is nothing I like to do more than go through Pinterest in the evening before I go to sleep and simply be inspired. (my Pinterest link here.)

So, back to the post! As you all know by now I am pretty much addicted to nail polish and painting my nails. I have all the rainbow of colors and pretty much never go by without some color on my nails. With all this love for nail polish you would think I would become some kind of expert in that territory, but no, I am pretty much boring. All I do is choose a color and paint it (Explosion of creativity here :P), but finally after pining too much nail art on Pinterest I decided it was time for some action.

I didn’t know what design I wanted to recreate, so I went with the most obvious and visited my friends’ Aline blog “Nouchaline“. She is the MASTER of nail art, she even did the cupcake nails (sick I know!) I decided I am going to do her latest nail post, since it looked the easiest, and this is what I got! I hope you liked it.

The colors that I used are:

China Glaze “Passion in the Pacific” , Avon “Sea Breeze” and the trusty Seche Vite.

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