Topshop Makeup Picks

One of the most exciting “makeup” news I’ve heard in a while was that Topshop finally carried their makeup range in their Lebanese stores. We have heard so much, from the British Gurus, about the amazing Topshop products and raving about their Lipsticks and Nailpolishes. I haven’t had the opportunity to check the collection in the stores, but I am definitely going soon. That doesn’t mean I haven’t chosen the products I want to have in my collection.

1The products I want to try:

1. The Highlighter: in Sunbeam (link here)

2. Lipstick: in Infrared | this is the infamous “Zoella” ‘s favorite orange lipstick, and since the first time she mentioned it, I wanted it so bad. This is on top of my list. (link here).

3. Cream Blush: in Coral. This is a perfect summer color for a radiant glowy skin. (link here)

What do you think of their Makeup range?


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