Urban Decay Dilemma

I come to you  again with a beauty dilemma. (you can check the Benefit Dilemma , HERE) This time it is a very  exciting one. Drum Rolls please 😀 . I am finally getting the NAKED palette.

It may sound very normal for some of you, but for me it’s a very big deal. Since we don’t have Urban Decay in Lebanon, you take advantage of whoever comes from the States to visit. This time it is my colleague’s boyfriend 😀

I know I want to order the Naked Palette for sure, but don’t know which one. All of the palettes have amazing reviews, but still I want to decide on one. So, I would love to hear your opinions, which do you have? and which do you think is worth getting, since I don’t have any of the 3.


THE NAKED by Urban Decay ( link here)91646_nakedpalette2THE NAKED 2 by Urban Decay (link here)
39690_nakedbasicsTHE NAKED BASICS (link here)


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