Touch of Minimalism

It’s not always that I cave into the ” bloggers’ ” cliche purchases, but when something like these Zara sandals come to sight I don’t think even I am capable of resisting. We have all seen these beauties on numerous blogs all over the world, but still they are too perfect and too good in price that you can not help yourself but run to your nearest Zara location and buy them. You probably have seen me gushing about them last month on the blog (post HERE) , but surprisingly I were too busy for shopping that I somehow FORGOT to buy them (shocking I know :P). So, how did I end up having them on my feet, when they are all sold out in all the stores (in my size, I checked) ? The answer is simply, I just have amazing friends that secretly read my blog and gift me the sandals on my birthday!

Happy Dance!!!

I must say they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and make any outfit more glamorous. ZARA you did an amazing job.

and thank you Kristina 😀

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