June Favorites

Monthly Favorites maybe one of my favorite beauty posts ever, since you could get introduced to new products that people actually enjoyed. That’s why I think a lot before mentioning any products, so that I can put only the ones I can easily recommend. I have passed the month of May, since I didn’t have any new favorites.

Here are my June Favorites:

11. H&M Smoky Palette: when I first bought this palette, I didn’t think it would ever enter my monthly favorites. I was really surprised with its quality and pigmentation. Although I only use the lighter shades for my daily makeup, I use the last two dark colors for evening smoky eyes. I can’t recommend any others H&M palettes, since I only have this, but let me know if you tried any others. 42. Avon Mini Lipsticks: these 2 lipsticks have been my savior this month, since they are so compact and can be easily put on the smallest clutches in the nights out. 6

3. Blue Eyeliners: as you have already seen in my latest “Face of the Day” post (if you haven’t, check it HERE), I have been embracing the number one trend of the Summer – the lower lash colored liner. These 2 blue colors have been on a total rotation.

24. Metallic Nailpolish: metallic colors are all the range right now, and look good on any nails; short or long. A little hint here, metallic nailpolishes actually chip a lot less than the regular colors (in my opinion)55. Dove Damage Therapy Mask: this has to be my favorite item of the whole list, I can even dare say it is my Holy Grail item that I simply cannot live without. As you all know I have ombre hair, so it is pretty much damaged and needs a lot of care. This dove mask made my hair softer and gave a very healthy shine to it. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a deep repair mask.
36. Chunky Bracelets: these two bracelets have been on my arm for the whole month of  June, they are perfect for adding interest to your outfits without overwhelming it.

In addition to my favorites I want to add a new category to the list which is a new Discovery.

My discovery of the month of June was definitely Teresa from The Style Drifter (blog HERE). Although she is not new to blogging, I somehow never stumbled upon her blog before, and to my surprise she became my daily inspiration.

blazer1 bling3 orange3


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