Small Haul

1Hello there Lovelies!

I have been on a total buy- free mode in the last couple of months, due to the fact that I am putting some money away for my vacation in August (Yayyy), that means a lot of shopping in Duty Free and in Russia. No buying still means I got myself a few treats here and there, that accumulated into a little haul for you.


What is Summer without bright colors, and what better and cheaper way to add color to your wardrobe, than with nail polish. I got myself the new Rimmel 60 secs nail polish in a coral color that is now my favorite color for this season. Its applicator is amazing and it really dries fast even without any fast drying topcoats. The other 3 nail polishes are from a local brand ALMA and although they are not the very best quality in the market, they do produce some lovely colors that I tend to buy.


My mega purchase of the month was this lovely little thing, DIOR BB Creme in 002 ,it quickly became my must-have for summer and you already can see my love towards it in my Face of the Day posts.


“SECHE VITE” ! oh how I love you! If there was one beauty cult item that really lived up the hype, it would definitely be the Seche Vite topcoat. It is the most genius thing ever, that made painting my nails the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is to paint your nails with any nail polish you like, 2 coats would be fine, and without waiting for the last coat to dry you apply one coat of Seche Vite and VOILA you can do whatever you want. It actually takes 3 minutes to dry your nail polish.


Magic Eyeliner by ART DECO in 68 . I am an old fan of this amazing German brand, I have mostly all their blushes (which are definitely in my top 5 blushes). I have tried a lot of pencil eyeliners from different drugstore brands, but this stands out a lot. The color payoff is phenomenal and it is very soft on the eyes. I highly recommend Art Deco cosmetics for their eyeliners and blushes 😀


Finally, this sample sized DIORSHOW Mascara that I simply can’t live without now. I got it as a gift when I purchased the BB creme and never used another mascara again. Is is worth the 29$ price tag? I don’t think so, but it is still a treat to use. Definitely going to be my purchase from the Duty Free.


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