Summer Skincare

Summer SkincareWe all know that we have to protect our skin from the sun rays during Summer days, especially on a day to the beach or a picnic, but we usually forget that it’s not all about the SPF. One of the most important things during summer is MOISTURIZING. That’s why we need to make sure our skin is clean and hydrated.

I have always been that girl with the “PERFECT” skin, so I didn’t care much about any moisturizing or cleansing. Until I finally understood that my skin was really Dehydrated and needed as much attention as any other skin type.

I have been using the following combination of products and have never been happier with my skin, that is thanking me in return with its dewiness and radiance (or so I think). As a disclaimer, I am no dermatologist and have only tested these products on myself, and all mentioned is is only depending on my preferences.

1. BIODERMA Micelle Solution: is one of the best makeup remover I have ever encountered. It feels and smells like water, but removes the makeup perfectly. Although I have to say I wish it removed my heavy eye makeup better.

2. NIVEA AQUA SENSATION Nourishing Facial Creme: A perfect cleanser for very dry to dehydrated skin, it does the job perfectly without drying out the skin like most cleansers do because of the abundance of Shea Butter in  it. *Highly Recommended by me

3. AVENE Rich Hydrating Creme: this is a new addition to my skin care routine and I couldn’t be happier, side gives my skin the optimal hydrance without over-weighing the skin. It is very light in texture and absorbs quickly, so it is perfect for using in the morning before applying my makeup. A perfect addition is the SPF 20, which is not bad for a regular moisturizer.

4. AIX les bains : I don’t know how I survived Lebanese summers without this little container by my hand! Although it is just water in a bottle, it is the best solution for refreshing my face during hot days, especially on the beach.

What products do you swear by in the Summer?


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