Lusting Over: Mini Office Zara Bag

If you don’t know the infamous ZARA Office Bag you must have been hiding under a rock this year. I think it has been Zara’s most coveted bag ever. Every blogger and every person around you has this bag. It is the perfect office bag and a cheaper equivalent to the Prada bag.

Although I really wanted to get it at first, I ended up not buying it since I felt it was too large for my liking. To my surprise, they came up with a new MINI version in two gorgeous fall colors; burgundy and navy.

For me this is the perfect size, since I tend to over-carry stuff with me when I use large totes and bags.

What do you think of the new mini version? Or do you prefer the old large office bag?
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2 thoughts on “Lusting Over: Mini Office Zara Bag

  1. The mini-version is cheaper! I do like smaller bags versus larger ones…. Oh it’s going to be so difficult to resist making this purchasing!
    I have the ZARA shopper bag but this is even better!

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