Mini Office Zara Bag Review

I have been searching for a bag that could be worn daily without outweighing my figure for a long time. The last 2 bag purchases were amazing and I totally love them still, but since they are in  a tote shape and massive I tend to over-carry stuff with me on a daily basis. Thus making my shoulder and my bag suffer, since we all know we don’t actually need all of these stuff throughout the day.

My readers already know that I have one favorite bag that has been been perfect for me, and I have been carrying it throughout the seasons. And don’t get me wrong, I am still carrying it and I am not looking for its replacement, but I would love to find a sister that could be as valuable as the other one in my collection (you can check my beloved bag here and here).

Through my search there were a couple of bags that caught my attention, one of them being the infamous ZARA OFFICE BAG. I loved everything about that bag, the design, the texture, all it’s compartments, but one thing stopped me from buying it and that it’s MASSIVELY HUGE. I know it is meant to be that size, since it has a protected pocket for the laptop, but in my case I don’t need to carry my laptop with me, I have one at work. I just wished it to be smaller.

I should have wished for a million dollars instead, since last month while browsing through Zara’s website, I stumbled upon… wait for it…. a MINI OFFICE ZARA BAG ! Surprise, surprise! I think Zara is stealing my ideas. 

So , you can only imagine what I did, I ran to my nearest Zara shop to catch a glimpse of this bag and see how “mini” it really is. 

And I can tell you it is the perfect MINI. Although it doesn’t fit a laptop anymore, but it has a protected compartment for an iPad, and that’s what I only need. I think I don’t need to tell you about the bag, since I think every girl and her mother knows about this bag, but just to add it is identical in case of the compartments to it’s previous version. 

It comes in 2 new colors ( the previous was only in black), the Navy and the Burgundy. Although I was tending to get the Burgundy one, I ended up with the Navy, and I couldn’t be any happier. 

Check it’s detailed size and  it’s full description on the website by clicking here.  

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