Introducing The FENIXIA Bag


I would love to introduce my lovely readers to a lovely new Bag Brand from Lebanon. Fenixia bags caught my attention the first time I laid my eyes on their Facebook page. Their designs are perfect for all women, and manage to bring different designs that would suit any fashionista. From funky colors to the classic whites, let us dive into the fashionable world of FENEXIA!

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Please enjoy the questions below.

Q: Let’s get this out of the way. Why the name Fenixia?

A: The name “Fenixia” is derived from the Greek term “Phoenix”. I’ve chosen the name “Fenixia” because it refers to the Phoenician civilization. I wanted to create a brand with a Lebanese identity since I am proud of my History, my Lebanese entity, and the  Phoenician origin.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become a bag designer and what was the first bag like?

A: I started designing bags during my preparation for a project at the Parisian Institute of Image Consultancy. We were asked to prepare a professional project where we should demonstrate our passion and talent. The first bag I ever made was a in box shape. It was a very feminine style all covered in pink sequins.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration and ideas?

A: My inspiration is a huge ramble from the past and the present. The Phoenician jewelry was a great source of inspiration. I get inspired by the different materials I see and the different fabrics I encounter. Of course I am inspired by the big names especially by Chanel, Hermes, Chloe and Christian Louboutin …

Q:  How would you describe the “Fenixia bag” girl?

A: “Fenixia bag” girl is someone who is attentive to her look but at the same time a viral part of the working society. She is  not just a fashionista, she is a business woman, a mother and many more…

Q: Which bag is your favorite from the collection and why?

A: “The Byblos Cartable” because it’s a functional bag for both day and night. It is a black and yellow fluorescent bag, which  is a mix of classic and funky fashion. This bag would be available soon on the website and the facebook page.

Q: If you could design a bag for anyone in the world who would it be? 

A: I would choose Lady Gaga. Designing one exclusive item for her would be very challenging and appealing because she always wears super retro bags and unusual ones in the same time and she’s always over doing in her shocking appearance and her freaky taste… and that’s why it would be so exciting to please her with one of my bags…

Check FENIXIA’s Facebook page here.

To SHOP FENiXia’s Bags click here.


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