Announcement :: MMM

I have been thinking for a while now to actually make the “Beauty” posts more regular on the blog! Although I have been talking more about beauty and makeup lately than the actual Fashion, I am not turning away from the Outfit of the Day posts, but instead making the beauty an equivalent to fashion, since it actually completes the other one. I am by no means a makeup artist or a professional, I am just slightly ( cough,cough … LARGELY) obsessed with makeup. So don’t expect huge tutorials or reviews, it would only be me sharing with other people my thoughts on different things I like.


As an official launch of the BEAUTY posts on my blog, I am starting a new post series under the name of MONTHLY MAKEUP MADNESS, which I would post every FRIDAY. As the name suggests, I would be choosing a different makeup theme to talk about ever month. During the month, I would share different thoughts, reviews and  even give tips about that certain selected theme.

The first theme to be chosen for the Month of September was really a no-brainer, since you already figured out by now that I am a lipstick junkie. So, let as begin with the MONTH OF LIP PRODUCTS.

I hope you would enjoy the new addition to my blog! And thank you for your constant support (girls, you know who you are 😀 )

Stay tuned for the first installment this friday! (hint: it involves some kisses :D)


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