Give me more …

Does it ever happen to you, when you say you don’t need something and then end up getting that something? That is exactly what happened to me during my vacation in Russia. Before leaving I Had goals, by “had goals” I mean a list of all the stuff I wanted to get from there, i.e. mostly skincare and cosmetics. I was so proud of myself the first couple of hours, I was in a huge mall alone, and I didn’t buy anything, but then “it” happened. By “IT” I mean SALES. I am not talking here about 20%, 50% or 70%, I am talking about the real deal!

In the picture below, I only have the flats, since I don’t think I want to show all the flip-flops and sandals I got 😛 Surprisingly, I didn’t buy any heels! But, don’t be alarmed, I did some heels shopping in Beirut.

shoesWhich pair is your favorite?

And do you always stick to your “LISTS” ?


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