The Versatile Blog Award

I am truly thankful for all the support I get around the blogosphere, you are really an amazing group of people that make blogging only a pleasure.

After receiving the LIEBSTER Blog Award and  The One Lovely Blog Award, I was nominated again for a new award which is The Versatile Blog Award.  I want to thank THE OXFORD OWL for thinking about me for this award.


  • The rules are that you must post the award, and who nominated you for it on the post!
  • You have to give 15 awards to 15 other bloggers that really deserve to receive it.
  • Then post 7 amazing things about yourself. 


I have already mentioned some things about me in the previous award post (you can check it here), so here are the things I could come up with.

  1. I am a die-hard fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Best show ever! (Who’s with me ?)
  2. I badly wanted to have “ombre” hair, and after I did the ombre, I can’t wait to get rid of it (probably next week).
  3. I don’t watch TV, I prefer Youtube to that, more entertaining.
  4. I am addicted to Zoella’s Channel on YouTube. Can watch her day and night.
  5. I love to cook and bake, but only in Winter. Can’t stand the Kitchen during Summer.
  6. I can’t enter any shop or mall if I don’t intend on getting something from there. I am a “LIKE AND BUY” person.
  7. I hate all that the “Twilight Saga” represent. (no offense to anyone) .

The people I nominate are the following: ( in no particular order)

  1. A Fancy Blonde Mess
  2. Le Blog De Chanty
  3. Splishsplasch
  4. Beauty on a Budget
  5. Line Refer
  6. My Life Through The Eyes Of The Web
  7. Pretty Little Beauty Blog
  8. Beauty Burgh

Hope you enjoyed this little post. Thank you readers for being wonderful as you are 😀

I love you all.




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