Monthly Makeup Madness :: Maybelline Lipsticks

Hello there everyone!

I am sorry that  I skipped the 3rd installment of the MMM#1 Lipsticks posts, but I have returned to it with a huge announcement. One of my dearest and oldest friends, who is a makeup fanatic more than me (Surprising I know :P) have decided to help me out with some bits and bobs around makeup posts. Although she wants to stay anonymous ( her wish is my command :D) I am still glad that she is willing to contribute. I hope you’ll enjoy her posts and tips as much as I do.

This is her first ever written post, and she did an amazing job! Plus this girl is a Lipstick Junkie like me ! 😀



Today’s review is about the Maybelline Colour Sensational range. The range consists of lipsticks, lipglosses and lip stains. The Lipcolors apply smoothly, are very pigmented and have an adequate staying power if you don’t eat or drink. The colours that I picked up starting from the Vivids range  are:


Staring from left to right: Shocking Coral in 910, Vibrant Mandarin in 914 and Hot Plum in 906. 

As the name suggests both Vibrant Mandarin and Shocking Coral are vibrant in colour and quiet similar; however, Shocking Coral is more on the pink coral side whereas Vibrant  Mandarin is an orange coral. Hot Plum is a pink based purple that wears as a bright pink on the lips.

The other colours that I picked up from the Colour Sensational range are the following:


Starting from left to right: Fifth Avenue Fuchsia in 160, Coral Pop in 420, Pink & Proper in 20, Pink Me Up in 045 and Born with it in 015.

Fifth Avenue Fuchsia is a dark bold fuchsia colour. Coral Pop has just as much orange as pink, however; it wears more as an orange coral. All of Pink & Proper, Pink Me Up and Born With It are perfect as an everyday wearable pink. Born With It is perfect if you have a fair complexion and want to wear a nude lip.

The Colour Whispers


The colours that I own are : (from left to right) Pink Possibilities in 65, Lust For Blush in 25 and Who Wore It Red-Er in 45.

The Colour Whispers glide on smoothly and add a subtle tint of colour. They are very moisturizing and the colour can be builded up if you apply 2-3 coats. The longevity is actually satisfactory as long as you’re not eating , as they stay on for a few hours. They do leave a nice stain on the lips after they’ve worn off which is especially more noticeable with the bolder colours.

The Lip Glosses:

These lip glosses were quiet surprising as they are comfortable to wear. They are not too glossy and don’t feel gooey. They are highly pigmented and the colour is true to the colour in the tube. In terms of formula, they do have a cream finish to them.  I would hardly wear a lip gloss on its own however, these are perfect for “mix and matching” colours in order to come up with a colour that suits your complexion. The colours that I chose were basically the colours that I thought would look nice when applied on top of other lip colours. One thing to note is that they do have a strong fruity/citrus smell to them.


From left to right:  One Shine Day, Captivating Coral, Mirrored Mauve  and Plum Luster.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Makeup Madness :: Maybelline Lipsticks

  1. i prefer the maybelline lip sticks and i have a gloss from the victiria’s secret very sexy collection that i adore (though the older version of it was better in my opinion, still the wet colour is so natural looking and comfortable to wear . . . simoly love it )

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