Self Intervention


I am starting a “Shopping Ban” here on my blog for one year, in hopes of investing in my Dream Designer Bag at the same time next year. The reason for this decision is that since I moved houses this month, I have rediscovered some pieces from my wardrobe that I totally forgot about and haven’t worn in a long time but still love to death. I have that much clothes that I can wear different outfits non-stop for 3 months, then why do I have this never ending urge to get more and more stuff. Even when I get my hands on those ” ESSENTIAL” pieces, I still find other things that my wardrobe lack. After reconsidering this and the fact that I don’t need that much stuff to make me a stylish lady, I decided that I need an intervention before I become a true shopaholic 😛

Although I am still going to buy some real essential pieces like my winter boots, I am stopping all the random fashionable things . So no more random hauls on my blog from now on! But I think you are going to see a lot of “WISHLIST” and “Lusting Over” posts instead.

Wish me luck ladies!

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What I wore:

Top: Topshop | Bottom: from Russia | Necklace: H&M | Sunglasses: TomFord | Sandals: Nine West



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