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chicago fashion week_newIt is always fun to find some new tags that are interesting and not overly done. I was lucky enough to be tagged by the MYDOGBLOG09, and as soon as I read the tag, I was excited to take a part of it too. The questions are super exciting and interesting. Hope you enjoy the answers.

 1. Have you ever been to a Fashion Show before? 

I have attended small local Fashion Shows, but nothing in the grand scale of the LFW or PFW.

2. Which Fashion Show would you go to and what season?

My dream is to attend the PFW and preferably the Spring/Summer collections, since I am not a huge fan of the fall and winter colors.

3. What show would you like to go to?

On the top of my list are CHANEL, DIOR and ELIE SAAB.

4. Front Row or Backseat?

At this point I would be glad to take the back-est seat in the show, but I think there is no better feeling than sitting Front Row for your favorite designer and live the collection in front of you.

5. If you were able to work at a Fashion Show, who would you rather be – A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?

We all have those dream jobs that never become a reality, or not yet. I have this dream job! I always wanted to work Backstage in Fashion Weeks, I love the fashion, the designs , the rushings and the deadlines! And what’s better than seeing the Magic of the Fashion Shows come to life!

6. Sometimes you can get invites to the after “part-ays”, but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity in person. Who would you like to meet?

one model —- Call me old fashioned, but I want to meet Tyra Banks, although some of the new models I do love, the golden girls of the 90s still look the best to me.

one designer —- Stella Mccartney, love the woman and her designs, as simple as it gets.

one VIP/celebrity —- Scarlett Johansson, one of the most beautiful and elegant women in the world. I would love to meet and talk to her in person, since she seems like the most down-to-earth celebrity.

7. For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?

My Iphone, a notepad for taking notes, my Canon Camera, my Business Cards, some flats for changing later in the day ( you can’t wear heels the whole time).

8. And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?

This is a very hard question to answer, since the outfit has to be on trend for the season I am attending. But I can definitely say it would be a skirt and some killer heels. That’s all I can say.

Now it is your turn to answer the questions:

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and everyone else, sorry if I didn’t mention your name 😛


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