The Story of the Sandals …

No, I am not cheating! At least not yet.

For those who missed my last post where I decided I am not going to shop all this year, you can check it through this link. (click here)

This is an old purchase, late August probably, and you have already seen me style it with my silk pants (click here). But these shoes are too gorgeous not to dedicate a whole post to.

These are not exactly the shoes that I would normally go for when shoe-shopping, but when Topshop hits 80% sale on all their shoes and you see these bad-ass sandals standing all alone in your size (39 for all of you who maybe asking :P) you don’t ask too many questions. You just grab them and run towards the Cashier, and thank god that you were in the right place at the right time.

I think this is enough talk about a pair of Sandals. 😛

What have you got lately on sale that you totally adore?



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