Monthly Makeup Madness # 2 Mascara Month

Welcome to the MMM #2 installment.

After talking too much about the lipstick love affair (a never ending one :P) let’s swiftly change for my second favorite makeup element, which is the Mascara! as much as I one to wear lipstick, you still can’t look put together if you don’t have anything on your eyes , at least in my opinion. I always look like I have been deprived of sleep for weeks if I don’t put at least one coat of Mascara on my lashes, since they are quite short.

I have  previously wrote  a post showcasing my top 5 Mascaras from my collection (if you haven’t seen it, you can click here) and the winner was the MaxFactor False Lash Effect, which still is my favorite one till date. The only Mascara that is slightly better than the Maxfactor one is the DIORSHOW OverCurl mascara, but for its price the Maxfactor is a winner here.

But my search doesn’t stop here, since I am in a permanent fear that they would discontinue the False Lash Effect Mascara and I would end up with horrible lashes, and that is not a pretty scenario.

So, in August while traveling I got a couple of Mascaras that I wanted to get and try but couldn’t find in the Lebanese markets. One of them is the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara that is highly raved through Youtube and by Anna from VivianaDoesMakeup in particular. I found this Mascara in the Beirut Duty Free and loved it from the first application. It made my lashes super long and added a lot of volume. The problem with this Mascara is that after 2 months of use, it became horrible and I hate using it anymore.

After using the Mini sample of the Dior Mascara and falling totally in love with it, I couldn’t help but buy the full version. I know it is pricey, and the drugstore Mascaras are very good in quality, but it is simply Amazing and I could splurge on myself from time to time.

The third Mascara is a random one I picked from a Russian beauty shop. i can’t say a lot about it, since it is brand new, I haven’t been using it, because I have at least 6 open tubes of mascara and I need to use them up.

mascara week 1


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