My life through Instagram

Good Morning Everyone!

Since I am in a total holiday mode today, (it’s the ADHA EID tomorrow. EID MOUBARAK to everyone who celebrates it :D) I don’t have any posts scheduled for today. That’s why I decided to let you know me a little better Β through my Instagram photos!

If you want to know the girl behind PLAYING WITH FASHION you can follow me on instagram . Just search for @playingwithfashion , I must worn you there are a lot of selfies involved πŸ˜›


1. I was the host of the “Russian Concert in Bcherri” in the late of JULY. Don’t the girls look lovely in their traditional Russian costumes?Β 5

2. If I somehow get tired of my daytime job as an Interior Architect, I am positive I can be a pretty decent baker. Manaeesh anyone?


3. With my lovely MOM. It was her birthday!


4. Was trying myself as an Archer, it was heavy as hell! let’s stick to blogging for a hobby πŸ˜€


5. My weekly routine! have to keep those brushes clean , you don’t want those germs on your face !


6. I finally started using a lipliner with my Red Lipsticks! What a difference it makes πŸ˜€


7. My lovely Jim Thompson Bag! a gift from the hubby πŸ˜€


8. Remembering those Sunny days, during the cold weather this September.Β 11

9. What do you do during the Wedding? you take sneaky selfies πŸ˜›


10. Perfect background for my outfit posts right under my window!


11. Being pampered by my Hubby during the weekend. That’s FOUL, a traditional lebanese breakfast.


12. Nothing beats a Brunch at Paul’s with the girlfriends.


13. Attending the Something Blue Event this past Thursday! More from this later this week.

Hope you enjoyed this pictures. If you liked the idea, I could make it a regular thing. Let me know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “My life through Instagram

  1. Oh my goodness I wore those customes once πŸ˜€ our school participated in the global village of MUN at LAU jbeil (Idk if you’ve heard of it) and my school was representing Russia, and I was part of the russian dance we performed. We were supposed to were short skirts cz the dance was based on legs but something happened so we had to stick to the long ones πŸ™‚

    I already follow you on insta πŸ˜€

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