Face Of The Day #5

In the last couple of weeks I really got tired of makeup and dressing up, so my morning routine took me exactly 10 minutes for my  makeup and the outfit. Now putting these hectic couple of weeks behind of us, I am back to my old self. And that being said, we are back to the Face of the Day posts.

I don’t know about you, but my face routine always revolves around one element of makeup I want to use, and this time it was no different. It was all about my ORIFLAME eyeshadow palette. Although, I got this palette in the summer this is my first use. I just forgot about it, since at the same time I got my beloved Naked palette, which took over my daily eye looks.

I ended up falling in love with all the colors and the quality of the shadows presented in this palette. Although it doesn’t even come near the Urban Decay quality and pigmentation, it is still amazing for it’s price. I think it was about 8$ from the Russian Catalogue.


FACE:  I have been sleeping really well lately ( a nice quality pillow really does the trick), so my skin has been acting perfect, that’s why I ended up using only a concealer to brighten up the under eye area. The concealer I used was the Bourjois healthy Mix Concealer in the shade 51 ( I think it the lightest they do). To add some warmth to my pale face, I used the peach color from my Vivianne Sabo Blusher Duo.

EYES: before adding any eyeshadows, I used the Avon eyeshadow base in Light Beige. I can’t consider it to be as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but it makes the color of the shadows  be more vibrant. For the eye look, I went for a very subtle colors all over the lid, and a dark grey color smudged on my lower lash line. i completed the eyes makeup by using my new mascara from MAKIYAJI (review coming soon).

LIPS: I wanted a neutral lip so I used the LABELLO Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose to moisturize my lips.

And that’s it. Hope you liked this makeup.



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