Lusting Over :: ZARA’s Coat

It is that time of the year, when the thermometer still shows 28 degrees and the maximum layering involved is a light blazer over a tank top, and all you can think of is COATS. I don’t know how my brain functions, but the seasons are totally mismatched right now.

What doesn’t help either is the lovely bloggers that I follow, who already shine through my laptop screen with their amazing boots and coats ( LOVELY PEPA I am talking to you here. Have you seen her amazing Burgundy Boyfriend-style coat? it’s to die for)

I still can’t make myself go to the actual store and try on some of the coast available there ( it’s 28 degrees for goodness sake ), but some online browsing  doesn’t hurt anyone. (my purse is safe! at least for now).

The coat that really caught my attention was this ZARA Double Breasted Wool Coat (link here). It is all I am looking for and actually lacking in my closet. They have it in 4 different colors, but Black is what I am looking for.

The shopping ban is still in full throttle, but some things are bound to be bought.

What’s on your Winter shopping list?

7901222800_1_1_1 7901222800_2_3_1pictures c/o of the ZARA website. (link)


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