Monthly Makeup Madness :: NAILS #MMM3

A new start of the month can mean only one thing! Another installment of the MMM series, and this month we are talking and discussing the Nailpolish.

There is nothing better than having well cared for hands and nails. and  I know it is an amazing feeling to go and relax and have a Mani-Pedi at a Salon, but we are not always having the time and the means for this indulgence on a weekly basis, so we have to learn how to take care of our nails by ourselves. For me it is never a burden, but a “Me-time” instead. You can find me on a late evening with my favorite cup of tea, a new episode of my favorite TV show and a nailpolish, enjoying the calm feeling. It is actually very therapeutic.

1For all of you Nail polish addicts like me, it doesn’t matter what type of nailpolish brand I use; I mostly buy because of its color and not the name. But when it comes to the Top Coat I stick to my favorite.

in the 1st place is the number one all over the world, the SECHE VITE itself. it is by far the best top coat I have ever used in my entire life. Say goodbye to those days where you needed to wait a whole hour for the nailpolish to dry so you could touch and move freely around the house. It takes 1 minute for me and I can do whatever I want to do, from cleaning, to going out and dressing up. Another good point for the Seche Vite is that it has a GEL form consistency that makes any crappy nail painting work look like it has been done in the salon. The only downside of it, is that it dries up very quickly, and 3rd of the product goes to waste. ( you can notice in the picture above, that there is still some product in the bottle, but it can’t be used)

The only other Top Coat that comes near the Seche Vite one, is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry. It is another favorite in the beauty bloggers’ community, and it actually does what it says, which is Insta-Dry, but it lacks the glossiness that Seche Vite provides. Plus the product doesn’t dry out as quickly as with the Seche Vite, so it would last you a couple of months for sure.

What top coats do you swear by?


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