What’s In My Makeup Bag :: Everyday Bag


I have always been that girl that can’t leave the house without a pinch of mascara on my lashes, it’s not that I feel awkward without makeup, it is just I like to look awake and ready for my work and meeting my clients looking quite presentable. Although I do love my full-on makeup routine, I try not to carry all of it with me, and just stick with the things that need re-touching throughout the day especially after work if I am heading out to meet my girls or for a dinner with the hubby.

So here are the things that I carry with me that help me look fresh and pretty after a long and exhausting day at work.

P.S. my makeup bag is from a Russian Store Centro. (@nouchaline you have the same one too :D)

21. DOLCE MILK hand cream. My hands are always dry, so a hand cream is essential for hydration throughout the day.

2. Garnier Roll-on Concealer in Light. for touch ups. my black under eyes are a serious problem.

3. Topshop Creme Blush in HEAD OVER HEELS. I like carrying a creme blushe because I can apply it straight with my fingers without having to carry a separate brush. Plus it could be used as a lipstick. DOUBLE SCORE.

4. Vaseline Lipbalm. Dry lips are a NO-NO for all.

5. Zara Woman Perfume in WHITE. I love the scent and the small packaging is perfect to carry in your makeup bag for using at the end of the day.

6. Lipstick. Well since I am a total lip junkie, I can’t bare having only one lipstick, I need to have options!

7. Jim Thompson Compact Mirror.

What do you Carry in your Makeup Bag?


8 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag :: Everyday Bag

  1. I love that makeup bag! I always have to have options for lip products in my makeup bag too haha! I usually have a nude/pink color and an on trend bright one just in case I have to look nice for an impromptu night out!

  2. That’s a nice little selection – I never carry things like handcream or bobbles and I need to. In fact my make up just sits in my handbag. Must start using a make up bag again x

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