Seeking Comfort


I have always considered myself a Girly type of girl! I prefer wearing heels, dresses and skirts everyday than wearing jeans or pants. But we all have those Casual Weekend days where all we have in our agendas is some quick round of errands’ shopping and hunting for some new boots.

This is where the Converse comes in handy. I don’t know how they do it, but this pair of sneakers make any outfit as stylish as if you are wearing heels. This is exactly what I opted for when getting dressed this Saturday, instead of wearing my leopard heels I went for my Charcoal Grey Chucks and Voila you get a casually smart outfit. Especially by adding a black blazer ( another piece that adds polish to any outfit whatsoever, but let’s keep this for another post).


Can I just say that I totally in love with this new lipstick from Rimmel in the shade SLOANE’S PLUM #330

What I am wearing:

Top+Pants: Bershka | Blazer: Stradivarius | Shoes: Converse


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