Lusting Over :: Urban Decay Naked 3


picture c/0 of Vivianna Does Makeup

Urban Decay just did it again! They made every other Beauty Blogger crave for their palette again.

Do we have all the other palettes? Yes we do!

Have we hit the pan yet on all of them? No we didn’t!

Do we need another palette in our lives? I guess NO!

Do we want to buy the latest Palette? YES we do! It is just too pretty to pass by 😀

It’s kind of magical, if I have to explain my urge to get my hands on this beauty! and it would make my life soo much better (that’s what I keep telling myself :P)

On a positive note, we don’t have Urban Decay in the Lebanese Market, so I won’t be buying it any time soon 😀

Are you excited for the new Naked Palette?



6 thoughts on “Lusting Over :: Urban Decay Naked 3

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  2. hahaha, idk.. i’m not that excited for it. Although I haven’t watched enough youtube videos bragging about it… maybe that would change my mind 😛 Until then, I’m going to stick to my Naked 1, thank you very much!

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