And The Search Continues

aaBURG 076

Let me just start this post by showing my unconditional love for Blair the girl behind Atlantic-Pacific Blog, she has the most coveted wardrobe throughout the blogosphere and the most impeccable sense of style. All of her outfits are a piece of art, even when she is dressed casually in Hunter Boots ( YES! she is that good). Thus, you can get why everything on my Wishlist comes Β from reading her blog. One of my latest obsessions is the full A-line skirt of a midi length, and Blair has A LOT of them , where each skirt is more coveted than the other. I have them pinned for a long time on Pinterest on my Wishlist, but still I have not found one in any stores in Lebanon ( I do have a budget on that :P) So, after a lot of thinking I decided that I would never find the exact one that I want . And since I do have a tailor that I trust, I prefer choosing my own fabric and make it custom-made.

This is going to be my Christmas gift to myself! Wish me luck Ladies. I’ll keep you posted when I go fabric shopping later this week.

diamond-glass-tiles-dark-grey-including-vat-73-p Lookbook_SY-42


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