I have been recently tagged by the lovely Raghad from raghadhazzazi.blogspot.com  to do the “I heart Winter Tag!” and you all know how mush I love to do the Tag posts, so I’ve decided to finally answer all the questions, since they are very festive and perfect for this time of the year . 
1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
I can’t think of only one, so I am going to mention my top 2.
China Glaze in “Naughty and Nice” and Rimmel nailpolish in “Sir, yes Sir!”
2) Favorite Winter lip product?
In addition to a lot of lipbalm usage, the lip product which I tend to reach for the most is Kate Moss lipstick in “107”.
3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
My Pull&Bear Camel booties, that just goes with everything in my closet
4) Most worn Winter accessory?
Definitely scarves. I have a lot of them, thus I can’t name just one
5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
It’s not actually a winter scent, but I have been obsessed with the “PINK SANGRIA” candle from Bath and Bodyworks! It smells phenomenal, so if you haven’t tried that one, you definitely should.
6) Favorite Winter beverage?
Nothing beats a large mug of homemade Hot Chocolate with some marshmallows on top. YUMMY 😀
7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
I am one of these people that aren’t obsessed with any holiday movies, it is just not my thing (please don’t kill me)
but I am child of the 90s, so Home Alone would always be my weak point.
8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Silent Night

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
I am half Russian, so only russians can get me with this : OLIVJEH (the best salad ever 😀 )
10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
Since we moved to a new house this year and it’s not permanent, we didn’t buy a proper christmas tree, but my hubby still got me an Ellwoodii Tree, which is the most precious little tree I have ever seen. (Would share some photos soon)
11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?
Nothing in Particular, but a designer bag is always on top of “all” lists
12) What are your plans for the holidays this year
Spending time with my family and friends, this is what holidays are all about.
I didn’t mention the people that Raghad firstly tagged, but I tag you also



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