Almost Shopping

After the holidays are over, all I can feel is being back stabbed by all the retailers. You would ask, why? Well let me tell you; after spending all your savings and shopping like a maniac before the Christmas and the NYE parties, you get hundreds of emails from all the shops urging you to come and shop their sales. At first, you feel excited, but then you remember that your bank account is whistling and you are on a shopping ban for at least a year to get your bank account back to a normal state.

So, after the holidays, I try not to read all my emails with the sales alert, but just simply delete them the instant I catch a glimpse of them in the inbox.

Only one store can make me feel my weakness for shopping again, and that is “ASOS.COM” Oh boy, how I like this site. And let me tell you how much I get excited when I get this in my inbox :

Capture3The same instance you can see me scrolling down through their website, and loving every single piece.

After adding them to my basket, I get back to  reality and stop myself from exploiting my bank account even more.

So, instead welcome to my VIRTUAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. here is what I bought “not really” from the amazing sale.

asos 1

1 |
asos 2

3 | 4asos 35 | 6

DO YOU SHOP AFTER THE HOLIDAYS? let me know what you think in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Almost Shopping

  1. Hello, I wanted to ask you about your asos shopping experience:
    – were the items the same as what they looked like in the picture or were they of low quality?
    – did you end up paying a fortune on customs?

    • Mostly the items are identical to the pictures, but you can never be 100% sure.
      And about the customs, i paid different amounts on different occasions. Sorry i couldn’t give you precise answers, but the lebanese customs are really unpredictable.

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