Top 13 Beauty Products of 2013

1I have been wanting to the “Top Products of the Year” type of post from last month, but it has been very hard for me to narrow things down, since this year has been a year full of new discoveries and new favorites. But after a lot of thought and reading through many bloggers’ “Top of 2013” posts, I managed to narrow them down to TOP 13 products.

I know, I know it seems very hard to do, but I did. The products mentioned in this posts are my total must haves that I basically the most reached products in my collection. I’ve really tried to only mentioned things I bought and loved during this year only, so some of the last year’s favorites won’t be mentioned here, but I still adore.

Here are the TOP 13 OF 2013.

1. Foundation: DiorNude BB Creme in 002. I think this comes to no surprise for everyone, since I have been blabbing about from the moment I got it back in June. And although I don’t wear foundation on everyday basis, when I actually need, it is the only thing I trust to make me look natural.

2.Concealer: Inglot Creamy Concealer in #21. I have been suffering from very heavy bags under my eyes, and no regular concealers could help me with hiding the darkness and at the same time keeping the under eye  area hydrated like this bad boy.

3. Mascara: DiorShow Iconic Overcurl. A staple in my daily routine, the best mascara I have ever tried. It is expensive, but you can treat yourself from time to time, and this tube is my guilty pleasure.

4. Eyeliner. Avon Glimmerstick liner in Cosmic Brown. Is it just me, or everyone can not be bothered by sharpening the typical liners? No matter how pigmented or soft a liner is, I can’t sharpen it, so I found these Avon liners which are retractable (Hallelujah!!) and my life is so much easier now.

5. Eyeshadow: I kind of cheated in this category so I am mentioning two products, one powder and the other creme. Naked palette by Urban Decay is the best thing that happened to me this year, and I don’t know how I managed to live without it. And the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On-and-On-Bronze is the best and the easiest eye color to put when you don’t have time and still want to look like you have been blending for minutes.

6. Blush: Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose #120. The best blush in my opinion, which I have been wearing all year round no matter the season. It looks perfect with my fair skin tone, and that’s why I love it so much.

7. Bronzer: Inglot Bronzing Powder in #74. This is mostly for the hot season and it is not good for contouring, but it does wonders as a face bronzer which adds so much warmth to my face and gives it a sun kissed look. (plus I hit the pan, so you could see that I REALLY like it 😀 )

8. Highlighter: Topshop’s SUNBEAM. whenever I am wearing it I get so much compliments on how good I look, that it is now my holly grail products for the evenings out and the special occasions.

9. Lipstick: I can leave this number empty, since I think everyone is sick of me talking about this lipstick, but if you insist then I should obey. The winner is KATE MOSS BY RIMMEL in the shade 107. (BEST LIPSTICK EVER)

10. Brush: The only brush that has changed the way I applied my makeup everyday is the MAC 217 blending brush. It just does miracles to the way you do your eye makeup, and if I could recommend getting only one brush then it is definitely the MAC 217.

11. Perfume : Viktor and Rolf FLOWER BOMB,  it is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and I haven’t encountered any other scent as distinguished as this one.

12. Nailpolish: as a nailpolish hoarder I can’t just pick one nail polish of my enormous collection, so I am just going to mention the thing that made my routine of painting the nails so much more enjoying and that is the SECHE VITE. I am never going to be out of it. NEVER.

13. Skincare: AVENE  hydrating creme for very dry skin. This creme is perfect for those of you who suffer from very dry skin with flaky cheeks, it did wonders to my skin.

And that’s it! Tell me in the comments what where some of your TOP BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2013. 

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