Must-Have Prints for any Closet

If you could ask anyone from my circle of friends, what Print describes MAYA in her outfits, 99% of them would answer with either POLKA DOTS or FLORAL. And they are 100 % right!  I am guilty for being  weak towards any of these two prints, since I can’t pass by any top without admiring it and eventually buying.

I am a true believer that  prints add the desired character to any outfit, and everyone can find his own print that combines perfectly with his style.

With so many prints and patterns available in the market, you could get lost very easily, and you may ask which prints you should buy and invest in and which prints to pass.

So, here is a list of my top MUST-HAVE PRINTS,which would  perfect for any season and any style:

1. STRIPES: this is the most universally flattering print of them all. it looks amazingly chic on any body type and with any outfit. I prefer getting a simple striped tshirt or a long-sleeved light sweater, and you get instant French-Chic style perfect for everyday wear or even for a night out when paired with a fancy skirt and embellishments.

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2. PLAID and/or GINGHAM: I put these both in one category since for me they give the same feel of casualty and effortlessness. This simple print could be chosen in any colors you like, but for me  the perfect choice falls for the combination of a classic PLAID , in black and red, and the GINGHAM in red and white.

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3. POLKA DOTS: by far my favorite print ever existing in the world of fashion. It is very feminine and fun and could be found in so many color combinations that you won’t stop buying every piece available. I would definitely go for a classic polka dots shirt or a sweater (which I both have and love to death)

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4. FLORAL: some of you may say that it is a very seasonal print to wear, since many of you wear this print during the warmer seasons only. But let me tell you, by adding floral elements to your otherwise gloomy winter outfits, a dash of color and spice would be given to the whole look and it  would be complete. I would recommend going for a FLORAL scarf if you are not ready to venture, or if you are feeling courageous go for a FLORAL SKIRT or a pair of PANTS and you won’t regret your choice.

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5. Leopard: this is the most controversial print of them all. People all over the world are divide into two groups, the group that adores everything with this print, and the other that simply doesn’t want to do anything with it. I must confess, I have been one of the latter  my wholelife, and just recently I have realized what I have been missing out. I still don’t think you should buy a leopard top or a dress, but simple STATEMENT accessories are the way to go with LEOPARD. Go for a perfect pair of shoes or even a pair of sunglasses, and feel on top of the world.

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Hope you found this post helpful, and let me know if you like these types of posts so I could start doing them more often.

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